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sikit lagi!!

10:52 PM
TiMe OutT!!!
what can i say
nothing except...
i'm going crazy reading about 800pages in arabic with tiny comel2 thing writing!!!!
huuuuuuuuh...well...nk xnk...dis is alazhar...special!!really special!!SAYANG KT AZHAR!!heee time to waste...there is 2 days to go before ujian syafawi
and ada 350muka surat lg yg perlu dihadamkan..wuu..i.allah
tiada apa yg mustahil melainkan yg mustahil dari yg MAHA mustahil..
so have to TAWAQQUF(stop) sebentar..
plz make doas for us here...
becoz we never forget to pray for u outside there..
"addo'a shillah bainana"
syarat pd kejayaan is NO PAIN NO GAIN...hurm
siapa ada resepi kejayaan lain??
palm to da sky to make a lot of doas for our best findeena wa addunia walakhirah....
p/s:otak duk pk nk balik malaysia je skg..hee..hee...fokus2!!
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